MFGM supplement

There’s a lot happening in your child’s brain and it’s not just imagination. Experts know that 90% of his brain development happens by 5 years old. The parts of his brain that handle learning, memory, motor control, and more are established in this period. In fact, anything missed now may be irrecoverable later.

That’s why your child depends on you to give him the best start for his future

As Dr. Colin Rudolph, the Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the University of California, explains, “So much of what’s going on in [a child’s] early developmental period defines what you’re capable of doing later on.”


Everything you give to your child now counts in the long run: playtime, hugs, lessons, guidance – and nutrition. Experts can’t stress enough how nutrition plays a big role in early child development, especially milk fat. Dr. Steven Wu, the Adjunct Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine explains that 50% of your child’s calories comes from milk fat alone, especially in his early years.

It’s the reason behind these experts’ excitement over the latest breakthrough in pediatric nutrition: the Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM). This is the milk fat’s coating, which is rich in life-enhancing components needed to support your child’s brain development and immunity.

MFGM works with DHA for 2X Power in supporting children’s IQ and EQ for improved cognitive development and emotional intelligence. Experts have seen proof of this first-hand. Take a look at some of their findings below:


IQ and EQ advantage


As a bonus, MFGM is also clinically proven to support immunity. A 2014 study shows that it has antiviral and antimicrobial mechanisms that can combat infections like otitis media (ear infection)–keeping your child healthy. 

All of these findings are great news to experts, of course. But what’s most exciting for them is that for the first time in history, MFGM is now available in a children’s milk formula: only in Enfagrow A+ Four.

With MFGM and DHA supplementing proper nutrition, along with the playtime, lessons, and guidance you give your child every day, you can help make sure he’s well equipped for the future. As Dr. Jon Vanderhoof, the Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Nebraska said, “We, as parents, need to make sure that when those doors open for our children, they’re able to walk through it.”


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