4-5 year old brain development: INTELLECTUAL
4-5 year old brain development: Motor


4-5 year old brain development: COMMUNICATION
4-5 year old brain development: EMOTIONAL


Every first in your child's life has significance. The first book he finishes may start a life-long love for reading. The first sport he plays may mean a future athlete. The first drawing he shows you may reveal a little artist in the making.

It's instinctive to know that these firsts or milestones are important. But it's not only because they may be the start of something wonderful. These activities are also concrete proof of your child learning something new.


Learning advantages can result from your child's healthy brain development in four critical skill areas. See how it can affect them below:

When it comes to achieving these milestones, it's best to continue your child's advantages by supporting his healthy brain development with proper nutrition and stimulation. Nutrition helps provide essential nutrients like brain-nutrient DHA, while stimulation helps your child learn more about the world around him.

So prepare your child for more monumental milestones with learning advantages!