Motherhood: The Greatest Balancing Act

Need a hand? Enfagrow A+ Four’s Momspirations is here to help

Being a mom is no easy feat. Whether you’re a full-time mother or juggling it with a 9am-5pm job or a side hustle, it musters all your strength and energy. Every day you do your best to balance your household, work, familial relationships, friendships, and time for yourself.

Making it extra difficult is our transition into the new normal amidst the pandemic. Most kids are doing either homeschooling or online schooling, while parents are adjusting to remote working. Do you ever feel like you’re running out of ways to guide your children? Help is here! Enfagrow A+ Four’s Momspirations is an online tool that moms can use to help navigate their child’s academic and emotional development. You’ll find several resources, such as:

1. Momspirations Articles

Explore a wealth of articles to help you manage the growth of your children. Interviews with pediatricians and educators will help you address challenges you may be facing while homeschooling your preschoolers, while checklists and features will give you expert advice on tracking your kid’s milestones.

2. Homeschooling Hub: Brain Stimulation Digital Flash Cards

Enfagrow A+ Four consulted with Dr. Ma. Rochelle Pacifico, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, to create these digital flashcards that aim to help make learning more fun and interactive for kids during the pandemic. The cards, which are targeted to kids three years old and above, are divided into three main activities: “Can You Name These?” shows 20 common objects and will stimulate verbal expression, auditory comprehension, contextual thinking, and visual memory in children. “What’s Different?” shows five pairs of similar pictures that have slight differences that the child must point out. The “What’s Wrong?” cards will ask the child to identify what’s wrong with the drawings and will help enhance their vocabulary, analytical thinking, and sentence construction skills while playing.

3. Enfagrow A+ Four Healthy and Smart Recipes

Aside from educational activities and parental guidance, proper nutrition can help boost a child’s IQ and EQ development. To help you whip up dishes that will help support their holistic development, Enfagrow A+ Four helps provide healthy and smart recipes that are easy to prepare with and for your kids. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, merienda, or dinner ideas, the recipes will allow you to incorporate your child’s favorite fruits and vegetables into the meals.

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