Help encourage your kids critical thinking and descriptive language with these collection of silly images!

What’s wrong with these pictures?

These are 5 cards with something wrong about the drawing.

Ask the child to identify what is wrong with the drawing by saying, “There’s something funny or wrong about these drawings. Can you tell me what’s wrong or funny about the drawings?” If the child is older, the child may be asked to make a correct representation of the drawing by himself or with the help of an adult upon the child’s instruction if necessary.

What’s wrong with these pictures?

Flowers and leaves switched places

One leg of pants is shorter

Faucet is upside down

Butterfly wings on bird

Heel is in front of the shoe



These activities were designed to be done with adult supervision for opportunities to help enhance parent / adult – child interaction and learning, during the period of the pandemic when educational materials may not be readily available and outdoor play may be restricted. Engaging in these activities should not go beyond a total of 1 hour per day.

Remember to always involve verbal communication and points for conversation while working with the cards.

And always remember that it is still best to limit children’s total daily screen time to 1 to 2 hours day, even during the pandemic

Download What’s Wrong Cards