Bedtime usually is one of the most relaxing parts of the day — especially if it has been an exceptionally long day for you and your child. But sometimes there are moments when the silence is blanketed with the sound of your child crying. You cannot help but wonder why.

While there are many possible factors to consider, you must understand that it can be entirely normal as it is a part of growing up. Maybe they are transitioning to sleeping alone or unlocking a new milestone. However, if no big events are happening, you might want to consider checking their diet and tummy health.

REASON 1: There are changes in your child’s schedule

If your child is crying excessively during bedtime, one of the reasons could be being overstimulated. Try to think back on what happened during the day — maybe they’re still excited about the playdate they had earlier. Or maybe parents have been busier than usual recently and they are craving attention.

When this happens, comforting them with cuddles helps. Give them your warm, reassuring hugs. You can also try using background noise to help them sleep better like white or brown noise. These night sounds can also help calm them down.

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REASON 2: Your child might be feeling uneasy due to gas3

Did your child eat or drink way too fast during the daytime? If so, they might be suffering from an uncomfortable gassy feeling. While eating, they might have swallowed air which then traps gas in their stomach. This is common, especially in children

When this happens, be more attentive while they are eating. Make them take their time chewing their food and as much as possible, make sure that they are focusing on only just eating.

REASON 3: Your child may have a sensitive tummy

Continuous crying unrelated to any of the above reasons may be attributed to digestion issues due to your child’s milk intolerance.2

If you suspect that they might have digestion issues, consult your pediatrician when you can to determine if your child is sensitive to lactose. If so, a change in milk might be needed.

Choose milk that is specially made for tummy health like Enfagrow Gentlease 3+. It has PHP (Partially Hydrolyzed Protein) that is smaller than regular protein and reduced lactose for easy digestion*; plus, MFGM* and DHA* that help advance brain and cognitive development*.

*with proper nutrition and stimulation.

REASON 4: Your child might be hungry

Hunger can also be one of the reasons why they are crying at night. Depending on their age, sometimes, they might not be able to directly communicate this with you.4

When this happens, try asking your child if they’re hungry. More often than not, they might not be able to realize that they are until you ask them. Give them a light snack before bed and stick to a great meal schedule to maintain your child’s tummy health.

REASON 5: Your child might have had nightmares

When your child wakes up crying in the middle of the night, it might be due to bad dreams. Something bad might have happened in their dreams that caused them to be stressed about it. While it might be a normal part of child development, nightmares are more likely to occur when the child is sick or if suffering from sleep deprivation.5

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When this happens, what helps is soothing them as soon as possible. Your child may still be disoriented but talking to them and reassuring them that what happened was just a bad dream will be helpful. Providing comfort and staying calm are the best ways to soothe a fussy child.

Remember, when your child is a bit fussier than usual at night, make sure to consider the factors mentioned above. Give them comfort and assurance that things are okay and that they are safe with you. Get more tips about your child’s digestion and tummy health, and be part of Club Mama! Join now!


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