Does the question, “How can I help my child’s digestion?” always cross your mind? As a parent, you only want the best for your child, so naturally, you look out for their tummy health. If they are having problems with indigestion, constipation, or often complain of ouchy tummies, a key part of the solution for their digestive health is looking at their nutrition.

Two kids eating whole food for tummy health

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Remember: good digestive health is important for your child’s health. The digestive system helps in giving our children’s bodies the nourishment they need. Digestion breaks down their food into nutrients that can be then absorbed into the body to be used for energy, growth, and maintenance.1

A happy tummy is a healthy tummy. Here are some nutrition tips to keep your child’s tummy healthy and happy:

NUTRITION TIP 1: Load up their diet with fiber

Fiber is your friend! It helps regulate bowel movements and remove waste from their bodies. Give them plenty of vegetables and fruits to help prevent constipation.2 The recommended intake 6 for fruits and vegetables is below:

Age Vegetables (Servings/day) Fruits (Servings/day)
3-6 years 1 serving of leafy vegetables 1 serving of Vit-C-rich fruits
1 serving of other vegetables 1 serving of other fruits

Other kid-friendly, fiber-rich foods that you can add to their diet are potatoes, berries, oats, and corn! With these fiber powerhouses as part of their diet, you can look forward to a more regular poop schedule for your kids.

NUTRITION TIP 2: Make sure they drink lots of water

Water also helps greatly when it comes to stool evacuation or pooping. Remind them to drink lots of water, especially as there are more physical activities involved with growing children.

Did you know that when our bodies don’t get enough water, our colon ends up taking hydration from our poop — which is why it makes it harder for us to go, more so in kids?3 Avoid the horrors and the pain of constipation by making sure they drink the recommended6 4-7 glasses of water.

NUTRITION TIP 3: Choose milk that is easy to digest

When your kid is more prone to having sensitive tummies and digestion issues, there might be food that you have to skip. Remember to compensate by giving them the right milk that’s easy on digestion for their tummy comfort.

Enfagrow Gentlease 3+ has PHP (Partially Hydrolyzed Proteins) which are smaller** proteins in milk and has reduced lactose that helps for easy digestion*. It also has DHA* and MFGM* to help brain development with proper nutrition and stimulation.

Two kids eating whole food for tummy health

NUTRITION TIP 4: Get them moving

Studies show that movement helps aid digestion and overall tummy health. Make playtime more fun by doing it together4. Run with your kids, make them observe their surroundings, and just play together. It’s a win-win that they get their physical activity and emotional bonding a day!

Another fun fact: when your kids are moving more, this makes their digestion work better - thereby making them pass their poop easier.

NUTRITION TIP 5: Say no to overeating

More than giving them the right set of nutritious food and milk, it is also helpful not to let them overeat. It is also important that you pay attention to how they eat and chew. Sometimes when they’re distracted, they swallow more gas and it could lead to fussiness (colic), vomiting (paglungad or lungad ng bata), and gassiness.5

When your kids continuously experience gut health issues, it might be time to explore milk formulas that are gentler and easier to digest* for their tummy comfort. Choose Enfagrow Gentlease 3+ with reduced lactose and PHP (Partially Hydrolyzed Proteins) which are smaller** proteins that are specially processed for easy digestion* and absorption.

Enfagrow Gentlease 3+ is scientifically made to be Easy on Digestion*, and Big on Brain*.

To summarize, a good diet and proper nutrition are the keys to a happy healthy tummy and happy kids. It is important to pay good attention to their diet and their overall lifestyle so they can grow to be the happy, responsible adults you want them to be.

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*with proper nutrition and stimulation
**vs. regular cow’s milk


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