Since not all kids are the same, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to parenting. It takes dedication to find the right parenting style for your kid. In this 2-part episode of Raising IQ & EQ-Ready Kids, Rica Paralejo-Bonifacio is joined by fellow mom Nikka Garcia to give you tips on how to find the best parenting style that will nurture happy and smart children

Different Parenting Styles for Different Kids


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Parenting can be a struggle. Nurturing a kid doesn’t come with a manual that can instruct how to raise an IQ and EQ-ready kid. As a parent, you always ask yourself, “What type of parent do I want to be?”

In episode 1 of the podcast, Rica and Nikka discussed the four main parenting styles that are studied by developmental psychologist Diana Baumrind and Stanford researchers Eleanor Maccoby and John Martin.

  1.   Permissive Parenting : Permissive Parents are more likely to become friends with their children, rather than remaining in a parenting role. They would rather avoid conflict and will give in to their children’s demands at the first sign of distress. These parents typically allow their kids to do whatever they want and offer little guidance or direction.1-2

  3.   Authoritative Parenting : Parenting styles can vary greatly, but one common thread among successful parents is a focus on communication. Authoritative parents are especially good at this, as they create an open and honest environment in which to discuss values and reasoning with their children. As a result, kids who have authoritarian parents tend to be self-disciplined and able to think for themselves.1-2

  5.   Authoritarian Parenting : Authoritarian parenting is a parenting style characterized by strict rules, harsh discipline, and a lack of communication 3. Authoritarian parents often justified their actions as "tough love," believing that their strict methods will ultimately benefit their children. However, research suggests that authoritarian parenting can lead to negative outcomes such as increased levels of anxiety and depression in children.1-2

  7.   Neglectful Parenting : Uninvolved parenting, also known as neglectful parenting, is characterized by a lack of engagement with children and a lack of rules. Neglectful parents can be seen as cold and uncaring, but this is not always intentional. They may be struggling with their issues.1-2


While there are multiple parenting styles, it is salient to observe and know your children—their needs, triggers, and strengths. By knowing your kids, you’ll determine what parenting works best. Learn more about parenting styles by listening to our 2-Part podcast at Spotify: and Apple:, in partnership with Smart Parenting PH.


Positive Parenting and Discipline


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In Episode 1 Part 2, Rica and Nica shared the benefits of positive parenting and discipline. They discussed how positive parenting can fulfill the needs of your children through positive interaction and engagement; thereby, preventing bad habits and behavior.

Positive parenting incorporates positive discipline wherein parents should communicate and respond properly to their kids: reward appropriate behavior and give consequences for inappropriate ones.

Rica and Nica shared some tips on how to foster positive parenting and discipline at home.
1. Always come from a place of love. Discipline your kids but don’t crush their spirits. Always use words that build up instead of words that tear down.
2. Give appreciation when your kids did something good
3. Find time for your kids no matter how busy you are
4. Communicate with your children by setting clear boundaries and expectations.
5. Be conscious of your children as they see you as a role model.
6. Focus on things you can only control
7. Encourage them to be problem-solvers. Give opportunity to know that even if they are not gifted they can still solve problems.
8. Empower kids by teaching them life skills such as household chores, building a habit, self-discipline, and following a routine.
9. Be healthy by having enough sleep and good nutrition.

Learn more about positive parenting and discipline by listening to our 2-Part podcast at Spotify: and Apple:, in partnership with Smart Parenting PH.


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