The Kuya/Ate Readiness Quiz


Got another child on the way but not sure if your little one is ready to be an Ate or a Kuya? Find out in this quiz.

You may have thought about it and discussed it with your hubby and your doctor already. Everything from the nursery to the clothes are all set for the second child you’ve been dreaming of.

But you might be forgetting something. Or better yet, someone.

It’s also important to make sure your first child is ready for a new sibling. Having a new child at home (especially during quarantine), brings in new sounds, new routines, new schedules, and sometimes even new feelings. And not all children are ready for that.

Find out if your child is, or if he or she still needs extra attention and talk time with you to ease him or her into becoming an Ate or a Kuya.

1 Your firstborn already has a bed or a room of his/her own. But where do they sleep at night? 1

2  What is their initial reaction when they see a younger child?

3 Be honest, how clingy is your firstborn?

4  How does your child handle sharing?

5  When you talk to him or her about having a sibling, how does he or she respond?