These days, going natural is a rising trend that everyone is giving a try, and its positive effects can be true for kids, too!

When it comes to children’s milk, a formula with the A2 milk protein offers a natural alternative to regular milk. Let’s find out how by breaking down the ABCs of Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four into 3 key parts: All- Natural, Benefits and Children’s Milk Formula.


A long time ago, all cows produced the A2 milk protein. The natural structure found in this milk protein made it easy for our bodies to digest and absorb1. But due to heavy domestication through the years, a mutation occurred that caused cows to produce A1/A2 milk protein as well.

The good news is that A2 cows didn’t disappear completely; there are still rare A2 cows in New Zealand and Europe who continue to produce only the A2 milk protein type. This is where Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four sources its milk, giving its formula an all-natural milk protein that’s naturally easy to digest.


Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four can help ease digestive discomforts.2 Since its formula has an easy-to-digest benefit, every glass can give your child the natural nutrition they deserve. In fact, Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four is the first and only stage milk in the Philippines that’s made with A2 milk protein purely from rare A2 cows.

Aside from that, it has brain-building DHA & MFGM Pro that helps IQ & EQ development and Prebiotic FOS to help support immunity and gut health, along with proper diet and healthy lifestyle.


You may be wondering how the all-natural A2 milk protein makes its way to your child’s formula.

To ensure its quality, rigorous testing is key. For Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four, we source cows that are DNA tested to ensure they produce milk with A2 milk proteins. A2 milk is ultimately collected, tested, and then processed in a completely separated milk channel. Only the milk that passes these thorough tests makes its way to your child’s glass of Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four. Available in select groceries and supermarkets nationwide, or shop online at Mead Johnson and Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four's Official Online Store at, or on Shopee or Lazada.

Discover the Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four difference with your healthy, smart kid with a heart!

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