You are approaching the end of your first challenging year and have passed your anxiety over whether what you have done is correct for your child. The first year seemed to pass fast as you went to your monthly well-child checkups and immunizations. You have witnessed your child gain weight, become taller, roll over, sit, stand, and walk.

You have cherished the growth and developmental milestones your child achieved and given yourself and your husband a pat on the back. You deserve applause and a hug for accomplishing such a feat. The celebration is to celebrate your first year as parents, or parents again, and to welcome the next coming year.

Now you are planning for the celebration of this feat. Even though restrictions are now more relaxed, and some venues allow face-to-face gatherings, safety protocols are non-negotiable. Keep in mind that huge events are still discouraged because of the pandemic. Since this is a children’s party, most children are not vaccinated. So, extra care is a must during the party.

You can opt for a small gathering of close family members and friends and still make a meaningful first birthday celebration. Remember, it is not about the grandness but how memorable the event will be.

While you’re excited to celebrate this milestone, you’re thinking of how to make your kid’s first birthday party fun and memorable. Fret not! Read this birthday guide to help you prepare the best birthday party for your kid.

First Birthday Theme Ideas


1. The Magic of Dreamland

Dreamland theme first
Photo by Vidal Ballejo Jr. from Pexels

Celebrating your kid’s 1st birthday is a dream that comes into reality. Have a trip high above the clouds with a dreamland theme. With the dreamland theme, colors are kid-friendly and soothing to the eyes. You can incorporate popular kid elements such as unicorns, magical clouds, and cute parachutes.

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Dreamland 1st birthday invitation and souvenir template
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2. It’s a SEA-lebration!

Under the sea theme first birthday
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Seize your kid’s special day with a sea-themed birthday party! This birthday party theme is flexible for both girls and boys. For boys, you can opt for pirate or water creatures design elements. On the other hand, you can play around with the mermaid visual elements if your kid is a girl.

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3. Tropical for Everyone!

Troplical theme first birthday
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Tropical may be typical, but it’s a sure hit! A tropical-themed birthday party is enjoyable for kids and adults. You also have a lot of areas to play around with, such as dishes, desserts, decorations, and attire/costumes. Guests can wear floral or tropical-themed clothes that they can easily purchase from various stores.

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Tropical 1st birthday invitation and souvenir template
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4. Fanfare at the Circus!

Circus theme first birthday
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Circus-themed party is a fun and quirky way to celebrate a birthday party. The advantage of this theme is you can set up various small stations with games, activities, and foods that can make your party unique and memorable.

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Circus 1st birthday invitation and souvenir template
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5. One-Derland Theme

Onederland theme first birthday
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Enter the rabbit hole with the One-derland birthday party theme. Adults can enjoy a teatime section while kids can enjoy the wonderland experience. This birthday party theme idea is simply magical! You can easily set up this party in your garden or backyard and DIY most wonderland elements.

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Onderland 1st birthday invitation and souvenir template
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Important Things to Remember When Preparing For A Birthday Party

1. Venue. Ensure the venue is spacious enough for the number of people you will invite. Remember that overcrowding is a no-no. Allow enough space for people and children to mingle.

2. Budget. If your budget allows, hiring a reputable events coordinator will help ease the pressure off your shoulders. They will help you prepare and manage the event, leaving you to enjoy the party with your family. You will have more time to enjoy the party as there are less pressure and anxiety. But if you are running on a budget, spend only within your means. Simple doesn’t mean it’s not going to be memorable.

3. Food. Prepare enough food for your guests. Serve different kinds of food that are age appropriate for adults and kids, freshly prepared and distributed safely; this should be a non-negotiable with your caterer.

4. Games. Games are possible with big or small celebrations. Ask the host to make all games age-appropriate and safe. They should be suitable for different ages divided according to age.

Prizes for the winner of the games need not be expensive but should also be age appropriate. Just prepare a few games to keep the whole celebration short.

5. Party Duration. Keep the party short. Keeping it short will not only make it safe, but it will also not bore the children and adults.

Preparing Your Child for The Party

1. Expose your child to people. The pandemic might have isolated your child from other children and family members. Ensure that your child sees a handful of people before the celebration; this will give you less anxiety knowing your child is not anxious or afraid of people. An uncomfortable child will mean less memorable and more stressful celebrations.

2. Teach your child to blow the candle. Prepare small birthday candles for your child to practice blowing. Practicing will help prevent your child from grabbing the candle.

3. Have Enough Sleep. Ensure your child gets enough sleep and rest before the party starts.

4. Be Ready. Stock up enough water, extra clothes, milk, or food for your child.

Celebrating birthdays is celebrating motherhood or parenthood. It is not easy raising a child. It doesn’t matter whether you celebrate it in a small or big way. The important thing is you are thankful for the first wonderful year and excited for the next coming years of growth and development your child will accomplish. During these times, practicing safety health protocols is imperative to keep everyone safe, especially the little unvaccinated ones.

Make sure you decide early on whether it will be a small intimate party or a big celebration to prepare adequately.