Moms out there can relate that when it comes to their children, they only want everything that's best for their little one.  

Developing your child’s intelligence may be a top priority for most moms. Hence they focus on IQ, which can then lead them to forget EQ when they are providing support for their child’s overall brain development.

Emotional Intelligence or “EQ” is the ability for your child to perceive emotions, to access and to help process their emotions as they go about their everyday activities.To make things simple, it is a reminder that when we teach our kids their ABCs and 123s, it’s equally important to guide and support them as they navigate through their emotions at an early stage.

Parents are often a child’s first teacher as they begin to learn at home even before your child goes to school. As parents, you want nothing but for your child to grow up healthy, intelligent, and mentally strong to face the world.

Moms and moms-to-be will always constantly worry and overthink about how they raise and take care of their children. The question of “Is this enough?” popping into everyday thoughts, IQ alone is not enough, moms also need to strengthen their child’s EQ to prepare them for the future.

A balanced IQ and EQ development will help your child overcome:

  • Understanding their own emotions.
  • Controlling their anger and emotional outbursts.
  • Communicating with their fellow peers.
  • Decision-making and reasoning.
  • Learning to be more vocal with their feelings.

As their first teachers, parents should be advised to help their kids recognize emotions as an opportunity for intimacy and teaching.  A key to helping them develop their EQ is by being more aware of their emotions.

Here are helpful ways to teach your child emotional awareness:

  • It could start out as simple as asking them how they feel.
  • Listening to them when they share their problems or their feelings.
  • Pay close attention to their well-fare and emotional state.
  • Be there to explain and answer any questions they may have.

In the long run, developing your child’s EQ and helping them deal with their emotions will give them the full advantage as they build relationships with others and make important decisions in the future. So alway remember when it comes to your child’s development, make sure there’s no #MissingHalf. Let’s raise their IQ and EQ advantage with the help of Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro (along with proper nutrition and stimulation), with superior DHA for IQ and breakthrough MFGM for EQ.



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