Kids have different needs. Find their developmental focus by taking the quiz!

QUIZ: What is Your Child’s Development Focus

Every child has a different nutritional need. Some kids may need more help with their IQ and EQ while others might need more help with physical growth and some need more with their digestion and digestive issues. As a parent, you only want the best kind of nutrition for your kids because their overall development is our top priority.

Easy Digestion and Big on Brain*

Kids can often complain of tummy problems and that can be worrisome and stressful especially when our kids can’t exactly tell us what’s wrong yet. Studies have shown that 50% of healthy Filipino children are prone to experience tummy issues8, such as crying, gassiness/bloating, and lactose malabsorption. These early digestive issues could derail their growth and development.

One of the possible causes of digestive issues in kids could be anxiety. Was there a recent change in their environment and routine? The slightest changes in their environment and routine like starting face-to-face classes can cause tummy aches. Anxiety-related tummy pain can develop also when they’re worried about using the toilet in school (which sometimes leads to constipation). If this happens, assure your kids that going to the potty alone is typical.

Another possible cause could be lactose intolerance,9 which means your child doesn’t have enough enzymes they need to break down the lactose in their milk or other milk products. A sign that your child could have this is constipation, diarrhea, gassiness, or bloating that can cause tummy pain. It’s important to note that lactose intolerance is different from a milk allergy.

Another factor could also be their inability to digest protein properly. Protein, just like lactose, is also digested into smaller sizes by an enzyme called enterokinase.10 The smaller-sized protein can then be absorbed by the body. In cases where this is lacking, it can cause digestive issues.

Milk and dairy are good sources of nutrients like protein and lactose that are essential for your child’s rapid growth and development. However, not everyone can easily digest protein molecules well. So, you must look for nutrient sources that have partially hydrolyzed proteins or PHP that our child’s developing tummies can digest easily.

Enfagrow Gentlease 3+ is milk that’s made easy for your kid’s digestion. It is made of Partially Hydrolyzed Protein (PHP) and has reduced lactose for easy digestion* in your child’s developing tummy. It also has MFGM and DHA that can help your child’s brain development*.

Advance IQ and EQ Development

For some moms, their child’s intelligence might be their top priority. This is why they focus more on developing their child’s IQ or cognitive development and academic abilities, like problem-solving, memory, critical thinking, language, etc. This can lead them to deprioritize their child’s EQ when looking for ways to support their child’s overall brain development.

If the IQ focuses more on the child’s cognitive development and skills then EQ or Emotional Intelligence focuses more on the child’s emotional intelligence which is their ability to perceive, access, and regulate their emotions as they go about their daily activities,1 like understanding other people’s emotions, handling conflict, making friends, etc. It’s equally important to guide and support our kids as they navigate emotions at an early age and develop their IQ to help prepare them for the future.

Having a balance of both IQ and EQ development can help your child overcome and understand their own emotions; control their anger and emotional outbursts, communicate with their peers, decision-making, reason, and learn to be more vocal with their feelings.

How can you help develop both their IQ and their EQ? As their first teachers, the environment you raise them in along with everything you teach through stories, play, and examples contribute to your child’s development. Another factor that can help them is giving them the proper nutrition they need. You can give them something that is clinically proven to help give them the IQ+EQ Advantage: The Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM).

MFGM, rich in life-enhancing components, is the milk fat’s coating.2 It works with DHA to help give 2X brain connections to support your child’s brain development.3 Scientists have seen these two super ingredients work together first-hand and how they improve kids’ IQ and EQ – improving reading, spelling, problem-solving, reasoning, memory, attention, language, and behavior.2-7

Enfagrow A+ Four is the only children’s milk formula that contains MFGM, along with superior DHA levels to help advance your child’s brain and cognitive development.*

*with proper nutrition and stimulation

Whatever your children’s developmental needs are, it is important to remember that you shouldn’t compromise on giving them the best kind of nutrition because there is an Enfagrow made especially for their needs.

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