This activity makes use of 20 objects commonly used and therefore familiar to children. Notice that several of these cards are related to each other. These cards are tapped to stimulate verbal expression, auditory comprehension, contextual thinking and visual memory. There are at least 5 activities that you can do with the cards.

Activity 1: Name the Cards

First, have the child name the cards.

Activity 2: “What is this for?”

Allow the child to define the cards by use after they have named it by asking, “What is this used for?” Or “What can you/mommy/daddy do with this?

Activity 3: They go together

Have the child match the card through association by saying, “Point at the objects that go together?” You may ask the child to explain their answer.

Activity 4: Categorize

Have the child categorize the objects by asking, “Can you point at the objects that you find in the bedroom?’, “___ that are used for dressing?”,”___ that are found in the kitchen?”

Activity 5: Boost Memory

Activity 5: Boost Memory To improve visual memory, show the child 2 pictures and ask the child to remember those pictures, giving the child at least 5 to 10 seconds to form visual memories of these. Remove the pictures then incorporate it to 3 or more pictures and ask the child to retrieve the pictures by saying, “Can you pick out the pictures that I showed earlier?” You may challenge the child’s attention span and working memory by increasing the number of pictures to be visually recalled depending on the child’s ability to do so.


These activities were designed to be done with adult supervision for opportunities to enhance parent/adult – child interaction and learning, during the period of the pandemic when educational materials may not be readily available and outdoor play may be restricted. Engaging in these activities should not go beyond a total of 1 hour per day.

Remember to always involve verbal communication and point for conversation while working with the cards.

And always remember that it is still best to limit children’s total daily screen time to 1 to 2 hours day, even during the pandemic

Download Can You Name These Cards