Know what they are and how they help your child

Ensuring your child's proper brain development can be as simple as making sure he's strong enough to attend school every day.

Approximately 70% of your child's immune system is found in his gut, so if you want to raise a smart child, with a high resistance to infection, you must ensure that his digestive health is in the best possible shape.

You can start by serving food rich in prebiotics, the tiny superheroes of the human digestive system. One such food is Enfagrow A+ Four, which has two kinds of prebiotics in its clinically proven blend.

Polydextrose (PDX) and galactooligosaccharides (GOS)—the prebiotics found in Enfagrow A+ Four—are dietary fibers that become food for the good bacteria in your child's tummy. In sufficient amounts, prebiotics help good bacteria to grow along his large intestine. This ensures the balance of the digestive system, which consequently benefits his immune system.

GOS is widely used in child nutrition. In contrast, PDX is naturally found in baked goods, nutrition bars, and yogurt.

With these two prebiotics, Beta-glucan and the highest levels of DHA, Enfagrow A+ Four is based on a clinically proven blend. With each glass, your child stands a better chance at avoiding the common cold, flu, sore throat, and other illnesses that lie in wait in his school or playground.

Simply put: Your child get more days of learning, through school lessons or other fun experiences.