Tips to prepare yourself, and of course, baby #1, for the new baby in the family.

Tips to prepare for baby number 2 – Enfagrow A+ Philippines

Hi there, Mamas! Planning for a second child is a big step for your family, so Club Mama is here to help you through this stage of your lives. There are things to consider when you are thinking of expanding your family. It begins with knowing if your family is ready for this big change.

But how and when do you know? It’s important that you and your husband sit down and discuss some concerns that you may face regarding your well-being before you start preparing for a new baby.

Planning for a second baby with your husband – Enfagrow A+ Philippines



1. How are YOU feeling? Planning for a baby needs some emotional preparation. You and your husband must listen to each other and consider each other’s feelings. Open up to each other about anything and everything, whether it be something personal you’re going through or if you have concerns with your relationship. It can be beneficial for both of you to be clear and open with each other. Once you both feel you are ready to take on the huge responsibility of raising a new child, then you are on the same page.

Getting financially ready for a second baby – Enfagrow A+ Philippines


2. Check your finances! Can you afford two kids? Take into account medical bills, baby clothes, accessories, daycare, food, toys…the list goes on. You want to be able to give as much as you can to your baby while also maintaining your first child’s lifestyle.

Preconception doctor visit for a second baby – Enfagrow A+ Philippines



3. What’s up, doc? Check-up with the doctor to know if your body is ready to take on another pregnancy. Your age and physical health may pose some problems on your ability to have another baby. Many mothers have difficulty while pregnant and even getting pregnant due to issues with their menstrual cycle or medication. Your doctor should know best! If you get checked and your doctor sees no concerns, you should be good to go. 

Help your first child get emotionally ready before having a second baby – Enfagrow A+ Philippines


4. How about baby #1? Apart from your concerns, it is also important to consider if your first child is ready for a new sibling. Your child may have an emotional response with the news of having a new baby. 

Ask yourself questions like, “Is he emotionally prepared?” and “What can I do to make this a better experience for him?”. Your first child could go through different emotions, from excitement to jealousy or resentment when they cannot express their own emotions. This may eventually lead to sibling rivalry phase of their relationship. If you notice these behaviors, it would help to start taking the steps to prepare your child. A good way to start is by developing his emotional intelligence (EI).


To help you and your child through this phase, you can read more on how to develop their EI on Club Mama. All you have to do is sign up on Club Mama and read our articles on “What to Expect When Your Eldest Knows You’re Expecting” and “Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Harmony”.

Just remember, Mamas, a little preparation will go a long way! It all starts before you even begin trying for a new baby. If you are able to tick off all the boxes from your emotional and financial concerns, doctor’s check-ups, to preparing your first child, things should go smoothly for your family. Don’t forget that Club Mama is here to guide you through it all! 

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