Even before kids step into formal school, they’re pressured to perform well and achieve more. It’s pressure that’s placed on both kids AND parents. So hours are spent asking and googling parenting tips, tutors are hired, and extracurricular classes fill up the weekends—all to help kids become the greatest they can be.

But is intelligence the only thing that makes your child great?

The short answer is no. These days, helping your child thrive in school—and the society they will contribute to—means developing more than her intelligence. She also needs to be equipped to socialize well with classmates, express herself, handle daily challenges properly, and more.


That’s why studies give us the 8 Signs of Brain Development:

  1. Memory – how your child learns and remembers
  2. Vocabulary – how your child builds her library of words
  3. Attention – how your child shifts her focus from one concept to another
  4. Language Skills – how your child communicates
  5. Strategy & Planning – how your child solves problems and executes tasks
  6. Regulated Behavior – how your child understands emotions and controls reactions
  7. Inhibitory Control – how your child resists impulses
  8. Listening Comprehension – how your child understands words and expressions

The 8 Signs of Brain Development can be boosted by precious MFGM and the highest levels of DHA—a combination that’s found in only one children’s milk.

Enfagrow A+ Four has both MFGM Pro and DHA. They work together with proper nutrition and stimulation, helping you boost not just intelligence, but the 8 Signs of Brain Development*. So more than preparing your child for life’s challenges, you can help nourish her greatness.

*Other factors that influence brain development: physical activity, interpersonal relationships, and genetics.

ASC Ref. No. M142P112018E


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