Right from the very start, you can see the greatness in your child. It’s that sparkle in her eye when she’s learning, that smile of confidence when she makes a friend, that brave step forward at every kiddie stage performance, and more.

You know she’s going to be someone, someday.

But it’s not going to be easy. Right now, she’s actually facing more stress than you ever did as a child. Recent studies show that kids tend to worry more now due to the pressures they face every day. Their learning load is heavier, but they still need to achieve high scores, fit in, and of course, make their families proud. And it won’t get easier as they grow older.


So how do you nourish that greatness then? By making sure your child’s not only intelligent to learn well in school, but also well-rounded to deal with life.

That’s why she needs you to help boost not just her intelligence, but the 8 Signs of Brain Development* (memory, vocabulary, attention, language skills, strategy & planning, regulated behavior, inhibitory control, and listening comprehension) to bring out that inner greatness.

After all, it’s not just a gold star in class that reflects your child’s best qualities. It’s also her ability to express herself, to make friends, to deal with challenges, and more. And she’s counting on you to give her the support she needs to become truly great.

So help boost the 8 Signs of Brain Development with precious MFGM and the highest levels of DHA. This combination of brain nutrients is found in only one children’s milk, Enfagrow A+ Four, and complements the proper nutrition, stimulation, and guidance you provide—so you can help nourish the greatness in your child.

*Factors that influence brain development: proper nutrition, mental stimulation, physical activity, interpersonal relationships, and genetics.