Which nutrients will support brain development in children

Every time your child runs up to you with a Very Good stamp on her hand, a new artwork, or even a new friend, you see it in her eyes: that desire for your approval. She wants to know if the person she looks up to thinks she’s great.

But not only does she need your encouragement, she also depends on you to nourish that greatness. Only you can give her the nutrition, stimulation, and guidance she needs to be the best she can be.

So to help you do that, scientists have formulated a powerful combination of two brain-building nutrients—precious MFGM and the highest levels of DHA:

MFGM, or Milk Fat Globule Membrane, is the coating of milk fat, which is rich in life-enhancing components. It's clinically proven to improve behavioral regulation, helping your child understand her emotions and express them properly.


DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that is clinically proven to support cognitive development. This means it helps your child improve her problem-solving, reasoning, memory, attention, and language skills.

With their benefits combined, these two nutrients help boost not just intelligence, but the 8 Signs of Brain Development.* And they’re found together in only one children’s milk: Enfagrow A+ Four.

So as you nurture your child with your love, time, and effort, help nourish her greatness with Enfagrow A+ Four.

*Other factors that influence brain development: proper nutrition, mental stimulation, physical activity, interpersonal relationships, and genetics.

ASC Ref. No. M150P112018E


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